About us

The problem is not technology, or nature. The problem is how to organise societies at a global scale. We need to posit that a non-Neolithic way of organising society is possible, Alain Badiou

Philopolitics is an independent research center established to explore political, social and cultural alternatives and models that would contribute to greater civic participation, solidarity and dignity of individuals and groups in order to create peaceful, just and inclusive societies.

The goals of the Association are: improvement of knowledge and skills of social, political and cultural activism; education of citizens, especially young people about the importance and possibilities of social, political and cultural activism, organization of activities, cooperation and networking of institutions, organizations and individuals engaged in social, political and cultural activism and research.

Our work is categorized into three program units that have their own approaches but which are complementary in their endeavors:

  1. Research
  2. Education
  3. Outreach