Aleksandar Obradović

aleksandar obradovicAleksandar OBRADOVIĆ (1984, Belgrade) graduated from the University in Belgrade where he gained diploma in Political Sciences. At the moment he doing his Master research at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (EHESS) in Paris in domain of national identity of the oversea French citizens living in the Metropolitan France.

In Serbia, he worked as a researcher and analyst in the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights. At that position, he specialized for the questions of ethnic minorities in post-Yugoslav space and for the question of nationalism and national identity. He did two long-term field researches in Bosnia and in Kosovo, which resulted with publications.

Aleksandar also worked for the Government of Serbia as a contact point for the EU program “Europe for Citizens”. During 2008, he was engaged and by the Czech Government as an external consultant for their Balkan policy strategy during the Czech presidency over the EU Council.

His fields of interest are political and civil culture, collective identities, and questions of migration and integration.

Aleksandar speaks Czech, English, French and Serbo-Croatian.



* A l’Est du Nouveau – Battle for the Eastern European Film