Bogdan Bogdanović on Yugoslavs after Yugoslavia

Bogdan Bogdanović

There is one thing that is scary and about which generally nobody writes: that is the fate of people from the former Yugoslavia who were not nationally committed, people who were cosmopolitans, or who came from mixed marriages or who formed such marriages themselves. They are doomed to failure and oblivion. Creepy. And there is such kind of people in Belgrade, just among my friends, so much of them. I think that there are hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, of people from all former Yugoslav republics, who are circulating in the world today without the right to say who they are and what they are. These people are absolutely discriminate.

*Bogdan Bogdanović (20 August 1922, Belgrade − 18 June 2010, Vienna) was an architect, urbanist, essayist. He taught architecture at the University of Belgrade Faculty of Architecture, where he also served as dean. Bogdanović wrote numerous articles about urbanism, especially about its mythic and symbolic aspects. He was also involved in politics, as a partisan in World War II, later as mayor of Belgrade. When Slobodan Milošević rose to power and nationalism gained ground in Yugoslavia, Bogdanović became a dissident. In 1993 Bogdanović went into exile. He died in a hospital in Vienna on 18 June 2010.

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