DIY for Young Workers

DIY for Young Workers © Philopolitics

According to the last census, young people aged 15-29 were in total 1.322.201 and made 21.07% of the population of Serbia. Their educational structure, as well as the structure of employment, make young people in Serbia vulnerable to the risks of deprivation, apathy and isolation. This position of young people is very dangerous, especially in the situation of globally growing populist and extremist movements that are precisely growing on the basis of dissatisfied and politically inactive. In Serbia and the region, which has been suffering from extremism for decades, ethno-nationalist narratives and politics of authoritarianism, these dangers and challenges are even more acute.

The project targets young people from 21 to 31 who are employed, but also unemployed who are actively searching for the job. In this way, the activities are directed towards the largest and most vulnerable group of young people – those at the highest risk of economic and social deprivation, who are not studying and who are consequently unavailable social and intellectual channels provided by the academic community. Researching the attitudes of this population (which is most often ignored in works dealing with young people) will enable us to develop an effective methodology of workshops adapted to young workers. In addition to working with the selected group, the project aims to sensitise and reach as widely as possible interested public and end users – youth workers and organisations, educational and social institutions, as well as decision-makers in the widest sense. To this end, the project publishes a publication on the needs of young workers in Serbia and produces 3 video works that will influence the actualisation of this topic in society through social media and networks (which are the most popular form of information among young people).

Written by aleksandar