DIY for Young Workers

According to the last census, young people aged 15-29 were in total 1.322.201 and made 21.07% of the population of Serbia. Their educational structure, as well as the structure of employment, make young people in Serbia vulnerable to the risks of deprivation, apathy and isolation. This position of young people is very dangerous, especially in… Read more »

These countries spend the most on Research and Development

Innovation can be a major competitive advantage for any developed economy. However, achieving a sustainable rate of innovation isn’t necessarily a straightforward exercise. The reality is that innovation is a complex and difficult outcome to measure, and there are many different variables that factor into it at a national level. Research and development (R&D) expenditure… Read more »

Ten Proposals to Change the European Union

Since May 2010, the question of national debt has become a central concern for Greece and for the rest of the eurozone. The first program of €110 billion, imposed by the troika — comprised of the European Central Bank (ECB), the European Commission, and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) — for the purpose of elaborating… Read more »


Conference “Time of Resistance” held in Belgrade on migrations, (neo)colonialism, so-called “Balkan route” and its media coverage. Our representative took part at the panel Kinopolitics. You can watch the video here.

The 10 best cities for freelancers in 2017

Dutch platform that connects freelancers with companies, made a list of the best (and worst) cities for freelancers in the world for 2017. conducted online research with 117 cities in more than 90 countries and researched 23 different factors. These included: peace, safety, freedom of speech, nightlife, distance to nature and beaches, clean air… Read more »

L’Atelier Balkans – Debates on Balkans in Paris

INVITATION FOR ALL OUR FRANCOPHONE FOLLOWERS Philopolitics invites you at l’Atelier Balkans – series of lectures and debates on modern Balkan topics, such as urban movements, gender issues, working class, social image of the South-Eastern Europe today and much more. For all interested to come, listen and get follow-ups (in FRENCH!), please send an email… Read more »

New Walls and Borders (Interactive Map)

Today, even more than during the Cold War, our planet is brutally divided by new walls and firmly closed borders. Take a look on the map of new divisions of mankind. Legend: Light purple – Country-initiator of the wall; Dark purple – Wall at the border   (Source: France Culture)

NASA photos discover development of the Earth

These are photographs provided by NASA in which we see planet Earth from space. We discover different cities, different continents, different reliefs and also discover life through the light which is produced to the surface. Photos of Europe show strong lights among national capitals across the Continent. This strong centrist picture visualize political history of… Read more »

Chinese 1984

Writes: Aleksandar Obradović How to ensure obedience to the state? In general, the most common attempt is the repression. But the Communist Party of China does not hesitate to think about the methods of the future. China has made an application for a social network called Sesame Credit, which gives people the evaluation of how good citizens… Read more »